November 2016


Meet Tony, a first year student at GBBC. Tony was born on New Year’s Day in 1995. His father was a drunkard, adulterer, and often beat his mother. Because of this abuse, Tony and his mother went to live with his grandmother when he was still very young. Even at his grandmother’s house, Tony’s mother still could not care for him properly and he was sent away to live with his aunt and uncle.

When his grandmother came to visit, she saw that he was still not be properly cared for. He was crawling around in the mud and eating from the rubbish pile. She was very upset and decided to take Tony back to live with her. When Tony was 15, he started drinking alcohol, using and dealing drugs. He was the “go to guy” when all the other students wanted to buy drugs. He broke into houses to steal things and robbed people on the street at knife point for their money. He used the money to buy alcohol and buy food for him and his grandmother. He got into fights for the fun of it and stopped going to school.

When he was 20 years old, Jimmy, a senior on practical at GBBC (Goroka Baptist Bible College), came to preach at his grandmother’s church. After the service she invited Jimmy back to her house to talk with Tony and his brother. Jimmy shared with them some verses in 1 John. When Jimmy read 1 John 1:12, “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name”. Tony said “when I heard this verse, it cut me. It felt like someone had caught me up with a rope.” He felt like he couldn’t breathe. Tony thought about his situation; how he did not know what it felt like to have a father that cared for him and loved him.

Tony, now wanting to be a son of a King, raised his hand and gave his life to Christ. Tony knowing he had nothing to give back for what Christ had done for him on the Cross, wanted to give his life in service back to his Savior. And now just a little over a year later, he has just finished his first year at GBBC. Now Tony is going out and telling others how to become a child of the King! Here is a picture of Tony and Jimmy.


Pastors Conference
In September, GBBC hosted a Pastor’s conference with about 350-400 in attendance from all over PNG. Phil was taking computer orders and Jan was helping the ladies with cooking.

Praise Baptist Update
The building is not complete yet, but with God’s provision, much hard work and many man hours has allowed us to meet in the new church building. Phil preached a short sermon in Pidgin at a celebration dinner for the workers. Galatians 5:13 – “… through love serve one another.”


Jan and Dorothy (language advisor) started a Ladies Bible Study for the past 2 months teaching in Pidgin with 15-24 ladies and children coming each week using The Story of Hope.

Eddie and Sara
Pastor Eddie and Sara Ferguson from our sending church, Bethesda Baptist Church visited us for a week in October and was truly a great time of encouragement for us!

Teaching Opportunities
Phil wrapped up teaching the first two computer classes at GBBC. He will teach computer classes again when the new school year starts in January. Jan is preparing now to teach two English as a Second Language classes when classes resume.


Phil preached at Praise Baptist about bringing visitors to church last week. After the Ladies Bible Study we invited people in the area to church. Phil talked to Damian, a teen, and invited him to church. Damian came to church and accepted Christ as his Savior! Praise God!

Married Student Fellowship
We hosted our last Married Student Fellowship for the year for the married students and their children with about 80 in attendance. We started with ping pong and dinner with yummy grilled chicken. We had prayer, testimonies, devotional, and singing and wrapped up with passing out cookies. A wonderful time with friends!

We were missing our usual family gatherings but God provided a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with our new missionary family here.


Nine students graduated from GBBC in November. Please pray for these men and women as they go out all over Papua New Guinea to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray that God would give them encouragement, strength, and a bold witness for Him.


Lauren and Aaron are expecting!!! Our grandbaby is due April 14th! We are so excited for our expanding family!


God provided for Jan’s parents to move to a condo in Shelbyville, IN.  Please pray for them to get settled into their new home.

Update on Vero – her mama got saved at Praise Baptist! What a blessing! They faithfully attend Praise Baptist and the Ladies Bible Study each week.

God burdened Andrew and Heather about Heather’s looking for a new job. The Lord blessed her with a new job closer to home. Her old job closed its doors 4 weeks after she started working at her new job! Praise God!

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