God Provides For All Our Needs


Looking out the window of the Megabus as I rode from Chicago to Indianapolis, I have spent the past 3 weeks in Chicago at an English as a Second Language training (ESL) course. One more week for the training to be complete. The Goroka Baptist Bible College (GBBC) in Papua New Guinea has a need to start an ESL program for the students, and I had some experience in the past. We prayed about it, and I was accepted into the program through Cambridge University. There are many ESL programs but through the recommendation of others and the comparison with other programs, this program was the best. The expense, time commitment and workload was greater, but we knew this would prepare me the best to start an ESL program for the students at GBBC and then transition the training into the churches as an outreach tool to teach English and share Christ.
We rented a fully furnished short-term studio apartment for a month and the journey began. I knew the course was going to be intensive going into the training. By the end of the month long course I will have taught about every other day to people living in Chicago who are from many different countries such as South Korea, Hungary, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Brazil, China, and others. Some students arrived in the United States just two weeks before the class started. What a blessing to be in the program!
As I struggled through weakness with this, I learned how great my God is! When I finally said, “I can’t” God gently reminded me that’s just where He wanted me, totally dependent on Him so that He and only He could receive the Glory.
I’ve been attending Moody Church while in Chicago and one Sunday the choir and orchestra sang “Holy is the Lord” and I began to weep. That was the turning point for me. I surrendered to God and He abundantly provided! Praise God!
I came home for a quick trip last weekend, so we could present our ministry at the church I grew up attending, New Life United Methodist Church in Fairland, Indiana. I am now back to Chicago for the last week of training and will be coming home 10/18. God gently reminds me, when I am weak, He is strong! Phil 4:13

We praise the Lord for the time we had at New Life Methodist Church on Sunday, 10/12. This is the church that Jan grew up attending. Her parents still attend and are members there. We were able to present our ministry, and a short devotion. Afterwards they held a chili cook off and a white elephant auction. All of the proceeds, over $1100, were given to us for our O&P (Outfit and Passage) fund. Thank you Lord for the strength, hope, and encouragement you give us through the prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support of your people, the church.