Conformed or Transformed


Training at ABWE
We were privileged to attend the Essential Mission Components (EMC) training at ABWE in Harrisburg Pennsylvania in July. We were humbled by reaching 50% monthly support and receiving the invitation to attend by reaching this milestone. Thank you to all who are praying and supporting us financially! The training focused on cross-cultural church planting. Through much interactive instruction, we learned cross-cultural church planting through preparing, connecting, gathering, maturing and training which ties directly into Regional Church Planting and the International Missions Movement – all for The Glory of God!

We were blessed to attend the training with teammates, Tim and Leandra Hawes and Zeke and Meg McGill, who we will be joining in Papua New Guinea. Our table was facilitated by Jim and Allene Latzko, ABWE missionaries to the Philippines. We had a wonderful time getting to know these folks. Our last activity for the training involved each table writing a song, which we performed as a group of what we learned for the week. What a fun way to review what we learned and such creativity! Our table came in 6th place.
The week concluded with a torch ceremony. We each received a wooden torch that was inscribed with “My Vision, My Heart, My Life” which we were to write our names on. We were all instructed to pass our torches onto a national we had discipled, we felt was ready and that person would then sign the torch with the idea that they would do the same. We were admonished that the torches could not set on a shelf, not be used by God, but to be passed onto another just like our faith is passed onto others by investing in their lives. What a wonderful word picture!

English as a Second Language training
Several years ago, Jan was trained in a Literacy project and was involved with teaching English. God has used this desire to teach English in an amazing way. We found out there was a need to start an English as a Second Language (or ESL) program at the Goroka Baptist Bible College in Papua New Guinea. The students at the Bible College take classes either in English or Pidgin. Literacy is an issue in PNG and in the schools only 50% of the children attend primary school. Since learning about the need to start an ESL program, Jan attended ESL training at Moody in Chicago. After receiving wise council about the next steps to follow, Jan was directed to a program through Cambridge University called Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (or CELTA). After much preparation, she was accepted into the program and will attend training at the closest facility where the training is offered which is in Chicago. Jan will attend training September 22-October 17th. Please pray for us as the training is intensive and Phil and Jan will be apart for a good portion of the month.

Daily Transformed or Conformed?
Last week we were under the teaching of Pastor Don Jennings III. One passage we were studying was Romans 11:36-12:5. Particularly “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind” really stood out to us. Pastor Don shared that we are either conformed to this world or transformed by Christ. What a great admonition- daily and consciously having our mind transformed into Christlikeness. Holding every thought captive before the Lord… As a daily challenge to ourselves and to you, are your thoughts daily transformed and renewed to be more Christ-like? Thank you Pastor Don!

Prayer Requests

  • There is a measles outbreak Papua New Guinea. Many are sick, some have died, all are afraid. Pray for many witnessing opportunities through the sickness.
  • Please pray for our friends the Morrow family- Bob, Polly, Kelsey and Kaity. Bob was diagnosed with cancer in his lower jaw. He will have surgery tomorrow and radiation to follow. Their family are believers and such servants for Christ!
  • We praise God for our new prayer and financial supporters this month. We are at 54% of our needed support. We are calling, mailing, and emailing 40 churches per week with a request to present to them how God is calling us to share the Good News to the people in PNG. Please pray for our continued efforts to be on the field early next year.

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