“Fear Not” Luke 2:10

We had the joy of taking friends to our sending church, Parkside Bible Church (formerly Bethesda Baptist Church) to Back to Bethlehem or (B2B). This was new to us as B2B had been started while we had been in Papua New Guinea. For a weekend on the church campus, a live nativity scene is constructed and Bethlehem is replicated with a camel and sheep, vendors selling dried fish, Frankincense, and myrrh. We enjoyed hearing the choir of angels sing and hearing the rabbi teach. It all culminated with a live nativity scene and hearing Joseph and Mary tell their story of the birth of Christ.  We were so impressed by such a hands-on approach to outreach for the community about sharing about Jesus’ birth. Pictured is  the nativity scene with Jenna Buck as Mary.
 Luke 2:8 “And in the same region there were shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.”

We took friends Al and Jill King to B2B. Al is talking with Jared Alsdorf.
Alesha McCall including Phil in her demonstration.
King Dan controls the camel as it bellows in Jan’s ear.

We have been reading David Jeremiah’s Morning and Evening Devotions. He reminds us that for many people Christmas is a challenging time of the year instead of a joyous one due to loneliness, financial constraints, poor health, loss of a loved one, etc. Many can experience fear this time of the year. But another group of “forgotten people” heard a special message from the angels that first Christmas of “Fear not!” (Luke 2:10). The angels then announced the One who would drive away fear forever.  The shepherds quickly went to meet the Messiah without letting fear get in their way.  Just as the shepherds didn’t let their fear get in the way of meeting Jesus, we encourage you if you don’t know Jesus to meet Him today!

We met up with retired teammates to PNG, Rich and Marcia Ernst.
Graduation at GBBC took place a couple weeks ago with 13 graduates!
There have been over 450 graduates from GBBC!
GBBC Youth Camp is coming up January 7-11 on the GBBC campus. Theme- Black and White Choices.
Hungry campers waiting in line before lunch is served.

Prayer requests:
We visited 2 new churches and presented the ministry this month. We had one support increase! Our health insurance just increased almost $200/mo. Please pray if the Lord is leading you to help us with the monthly shortfall. Here is a link to give. Link.

Big Christmas meeting at Kenemaro all this week. Please pray for our teammates as souls are being saved and they minister to so many each day. Six souls were saved yesterday!

Please pray for the area called Bena. Following the Bena men’s meeting at Safanaga a boy’s murder has resulted in tribal fighting along clan lines and the rest of the community is watching the horror of this unfold. Houses are being burned and gardens destroyed. All males including those who are pre-teens are armed with bows, arrows and knives and are ready for war.  Our team is safe and protected and need to continue to make wise decisions. Teammate, Bill Smith has been counseling with the tribes involved. Pray for tensions to cease and hearts to soften.

Merry Christmas!!

Your missionaries to PNG,
Phil and Jan Smith
John 1:29
ABWE #0135781

Address in PNG:
Phil and Jan Smith
P.O. Box 456
Goroka, EHP, 441
Papua New Guinea

Address at home:
Phil and Jan Smith
2515 Countryside Dr.
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Sending church:
Parkside Bible Church
7950 N. Co. Road 650 E.
Brownsburg, IN 46112

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