I Thank My God On Every Remembrance Of You


News From Home:
This has certainly been a jam packed month. We have presented our ministry of Papua New Guinea at 5 churches. We are so grateful for these opportunities! One more church to present to for this month. We were at the churches to minister and yet so many new friends ministered to our hearts. It has certainly been a sweet time of fellowship getting to know many new friends.  We are so thankful for our Teammates, sending church Bethesda Baptist Church in Brownsburg Indiana, our missions agency ABWE and many prayer and financial partners who go before the Throne and plead on our behalf and sacrificially give. We are so blessed to have so many on our team!  We are greatly humbled for what our Lord did on the Cross for us in our place. Thank you Jesus!

Phil has been co-teaching Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship from ABWE with Pastor Eddie Ferguson at Bethesda Baptist Church, Brownsburg for the past few weeks.  The training is for Worldview relevant Evangelism and Discipleship based on Matthew 13:23, Mark 4:20 and Luke 8:15 about the seed being sown on good ground and the hearer understanding it, accepting it and keeping it.

We had the opportunity to share about what God is doing in Papua New Guinea to the Sparks in Awana which teaches boys and girls about Christ at Bethesda Baptist.  What a sweet and attentive group!

News From The Field:
Papua New Guinea was featured in the Message magazine from ABWE in the Winter 2014 edition. Articles describe the expansion plans to grow the Goroka Baptist Bible College (GBBC), where we will be living and serving, from 70 students to 200. This is the 40th Anniversary of the Goroka Baptist Bible College and 400 national believers have been trained to share the hope of Jesus Christ throughout the nation. This island nation of has much unbelievable beauty but unimaginable darkness.  Through the GBBC, there are many stories of changed lives, like Moses.  Moses grew up the son of a witch doctor and he was training to follow in his father’s steps.  Moses lived at a remote village called Yomneki in the Simbai region.  The people in that area were so skilled with the dark rituals and sacrifices that they named the mountain, “Satan’s Throne.” When Moses was 15, a man from Yomneki travelled to a coastal area and heard the gospel.  The man returned to Yomneki where Moses heard the gospel for the first time. Moses put his faith in Christ two days later.  Moses graduated from GBBC and later returned home to plant Simbai Station Baptist Church. We met Pastor Moses when we were in PNG last November and flew to Simbai.  He gave Phil the biggest “bear hug” that we didn’t think he would let go. What a testimony of a changed life that only God can do. (Adapted from Message Magazine Winter 2014).
To read more go to: http://www.abwe.org/news/from-who-to-who#.VHCh8ovF-YI

Here is a picture of Phil and Pastor Moses.

You may have heard of missionary Mark Zook from New Tribes.  Mark and his wife, Gloria, ministered to the people of the Mouk tribe in Papua New Guinea and the video Ee-Taow that tells their story. It is a very powerful testimony of how this couple shared the love of Christ and many were saved.  He worked closely with ABWE staff with producing materials for the Good Soil training and helped teach Field Prep Seminar at ABWE.  You can watch the video on You Tube or ask us to borrow our copy.  Mark went home to be with the Lord October 17, 2014. Please be in prayer for his family. The video can be found here:

Praises and Prayer requests:
Andrew had his first scan since his surgery.  He had a great report! He will have another CT scan in 3 months.
Phil’s mom, Tena, started the 12 more weeks of difficult chemo treatments. Please pray for strength and endurance and minimal side effects as she proclaims Christ through her cancer!

Two Elementary teachers are needed for the Numonohi Christian Academy for August 2015-June 2016 in PNG where MK’s and national children attend.  Please pray about this and let us know if the Lord directs you teach His precious children as this need is great.

Please pray how God could use you to partner with us on a monthly basis to reach the people of Papua New Guinea. We still have a need of $2500/month before we can leave for the field. You can sign up here, account number 0135781:

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