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Papua New Guinea is the world’s largest tropical island that is located just north of Australia. The nation is slightly larger than California. Papua New Guinea is a rugged and beautiful country of rain forests, palm trees, coral reefs, winding and powerful rivers, innumerable waterfalls and mountains. The highest peak Mount Wilhelm stands at 14,793 feet. Despite the beauty of Papua New Guinea, many are lost and do not know Christ. Religion is important in PNG society. Unlike Westerners, religion is intertwined with every part of life in PNG. While the names and details may be different from tribe to tribe, most societies believe that the supernatural is part of the ordinary physical world that can cause annoyance, harm, or even death. The people have strong beliefs about the dead, magic and sorcery. We want to share the love and hope of Christ in a culture steeped in fear and uncertainty.

Bible Reading

During my daily Bible reading this week, in Revelation 22, the angel showed John what would soon take place. John fell at the feet of the angel to worship him. The angel responded,” Do not do it!’ I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers the prophets and all who keep the words of this book. Worship God!” The angel tells John not to worship him but to worship God. We too can fall at the feet of anything we worship instead of God whether possessions, family, recreation, job, technology, etc. Anything can be an idol. A great reminder to worship the One True Living God!


Huge Praise! Missionary Development funds were available from Bethesda Baptist Church to pay for the upcoming trip we are taking to Papua New Guinea this November. What a blessing!

Upcoming Dates

  • September 16,17 Crossroads Fellowship Conference in Bloomington, Indiana
  • November 1-3 Missions Conference at Bethesda Baptist Church
  • November 4-23 Trip to PNG.  We will be visiting Goroka and Simbai.

Join Us

Many have asked if we are still working. The answer is yes. Phil continues to work as a computer programmer. Jan continues to work as a dietitian. We are both still working until we have enough support to leave our jobs and devote all of our time to  pre-field ministry. Join with us on this journey as we fall in love with the people of Papua New Guinea as we will be ministering there soon. Please consider partnering with us in prayer and financially as we are raising our support to get to the field.

Stay Tuned

How did we get to becoming missionaries? Stay tuned. We will post our testimonies and how God led us to this point in our lives over the next several updates.

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