PNG Trip Update Part 4 – Discipleship and Evangelism


Lilian and two of her children accepted Christ.


Discipleship and Evangelism

One of the ministries we will be involved in is discipleship and evangelism. A wonderful example of this is in the testimony of Lilian. We started praying for Lilian and her family long before our trip to PNG in November. How did God receive glory in Lilian’s life? God received glory as dear Lilian was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went to the medical clinic on the Goroka Baptist Bible College campus (GBBC) 3 years ago. She received much medical care from Lori Smith, a missionary RN who treats approximately 80 -100 patients 3 days per week. During that time, Lilian learned she was pregnant, twice. She chose life and Lori delivered sweet Able and Joyce. Her pregnancies not only delayed treatment but advanced the growth of the cancer.

As the cancer spread to her brain, lungs and bones, she started having seizures. Through her cancer, God did many things to show His power and there were many opportunities to share the Gospel with Lilian as she was often living with Bill and Lori Smith, our field directors. The joyous day arrived when Lori had the honor of praying with Lilian as she put her trust in Christ as her Savior. Her two older children, Israel and Cecelia came to know the Lord, the same week as their mom. Richard, her husband made a confession of faith but has turned back to his sinful lifestyle.

Abandoned by her family and husband, Lilian traveled to Bill and Lori’s home on February 6th of this year. She was cared for and loved. Lori held her hand, and told her to relax, stop fighting, and leave her pain filled body to be with Jesus. She smiled… took her last breath and slipped from Lori’s arms into Christ’s. God’s ultimate plan- Lilian needed Christ more than she needed her health.

Thank you to so many who pray for us and partner with us. Help us reach the lost in Papua New Guinea. Many like Lilian are lost and need to hear about Christ. We look forward to the discipleship and evangelism opportunities in PNG. We are currently at 44% of our support. Please help by getting involved.
1. Partner with us in prayer. Pray for us, our family, and the many that are lost and without Christ in PNG.
2. Partner with us financially. $25, $50, or $100 a month will help us meet our financial requirements to get to the field.
($25/month- the cost of a weekly trip to Starbucks)
Praising God for several new supporters this month.

Packing and preparing for the move to the mission house.

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