To God Be The Glory


When God called us into missions, a very close missionary friend told us that as we travel this journey of being missionaries to Papua New Guinea we would experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We know there will be times of exhaustion, times of stress, times of home sickness, times of discouragement, and times of great spiritual battle. But, whether we are crossing the street or crossing the ocean to tell others about Christ, we can not let fear stop us.
Ecclesiastes 11:4 says, “He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap”. You have to sow if you want to reap. One of Pastor Curt’s sermon points today in church was, “God rewards those who live in obedience”. Don’t let fear stop you from being obedient to what God is calling you to do. If you do, you will miss the great blessings God has in store for you. You will miss the times of incomprehensible joy, times of amazement as God works in peoples lives, times of rejoicing, and times of great spiritual victory.
People have asked us why we would leave our families and loved ones, our jobs, our home, our friends, and the comforts we have here in America. It is because we want to be obedient. It is because we want the blessings God has in store for us. It is because we want to see people saved. It is because we want to see every tribe and language and people and nation give glory to God which is the chief end of man. Please watch this video.

Tears of the Saints from HistoryMakers on Vimeo.

News From The Field

Earlier this month we received a letter from Pastor Alois from Kami Baptist Church in Papua New Guinea. Bethesda Baptist Church had purchase some Awana materials for them in the past and we had a chance to visit the church and take part in their Awana program during our field survey last November. At that time, there were approximately 25 children in the Awana club. At the start of the club in February, their attendance had increased to 50 clubbers. As of April, when the letter was written, the club had doubled again to 100 clubbers. Huge Praise! Pastor Alois writes, “God saved 25 souls (children) in 3 months, Amen. Praise God children keep coming!” Other churches have come forward wanting to start their own Awana program. Continue to pray for the churches, leaders, and those that do not know Christ in PNG.

News From Home

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says, “Be joyful always; pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”.
We received a phone call from Phil’s mom, Tena, stating she had just been diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. Only 1% of all breast cancer falls into the type that she has. It is very aggressive, does not react to the normal types of treatment, has a greater risk of re-occurrence, and very little is known about it. Have there been tears? Yes. So how do you have joy through a cancer diagnosis? As a child of God, Tena is giving God the glory for it all. Whatever the outcome. Her diagnosis has sparked many witnessing opportunities. 1 Peter 3:15 says, “But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” She is giving an answer for hope that she has – hope in Christ as she is totally dependent on Him.

If you don’t have a saving faith in Christ, put your trust in Him so you too can be prepared to give an answer to those around you, for the hope that is within you.

Our daughter, Lauren, is home for the summer from Moody Bible Institute where she is Junior, majoring in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

We give God praise and thank all of you that pray for us and support us. We hit our 50% goal making us eligible to attend the ABWE EMC (Essential Missions Component) training this summer. Our next goal is to be at 85% by November so we can attend the FPS (Field Prep Seminar), our final training before heading to the field. Please continue to pray about how God could use you to partner with us in ministry to reach the lost in PNG.

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