Go Ye Into All The World



Mark 16:15, And he said unto them, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”.

News from our team in Papua New Guinea. Recently they have had four mobile medical clinics. The purpose of the clinics is for church planting and church growth. People are ensnared in many different ways. Here are a couple of examples. Many people are addicted to what the locals call Buai (boo-eye) or Betel nut. People chew Buai (a mild stimulant with psychoactive effects) and over time this makes their teeth very red. Also, many people have sexually transmitted diseases. Eighty percent of people in PNG do not have access to medical care. The mobile clinic usually sees about 200-300 people per clinic.
During one of the recent mobile medical clinics, medical care was given and people heard the Gospel- 150 people were assessed but over 200 were treated for sores, immunizations, and family planning which weren’t part of the “sick checks”. There were 50 salvation decisions and the team is following up with discipleship! Praise God!
God opened the door in this area with the death of Lillian (due to cancer). You may have heard us talk about Lillian before. This is an area the local pastors targeted to start a church where the Gospel has not reached before and false teaching is prominent. Sorcery and spiritual bondage are an overwhelming part of people’s lives. About 90% of the people have Ginger tied to themselves that has been “enchanted” by the sorcerer to protect them from evil spirits.
The next step is to start a Bible study and then a church.  The bumpy road up the mountain has three churches, Lower Bena at the bottom, Kokinaga in the middle, and Luscillo at the top. We had the opportunity to visit all three of these churches when we were on our survey trip to PNG.


We already have shipped our belongings to PNG, but are shipping a few more totes. With the needs of the medical clinic if you would like to donate any of the following items, please get them to us and we will include them in the shipment. Donated items need to be to us by August 15th. We do not have a big time window due to the shipping container leaves in August. Please, we cannot accept outdated items to legally ship to PNG. Thank you praying for us and helping with collect medical supplies.

Needed Medical Items:

  • Cold and cough meds
  • Ibuprofen (Advil)
  • Naproxen Sodium (Aleve)
  • Tylenol type products
  • Band-aids and dressings

Prayer Requests:

  • Receptive hearts of the Papua New Guineans to God’s Word
  • Pastor for the church at Luscillo

Our Teammates On The Field:

  • Bill, Lori, Amo and Aaron Smith
  • Steve and Gretchen Root
  • Tim and Leandra Hawes (and little Hawes)
  • Zeke, Meagan, Matthew and Liam Magill

We just finished our Major Prophets Moody class. Excellent class! Thank you Dr. Greg Gifford. Please let us know if you are interested in classes at Moody Bible Institute. We have been blessed by wonderful professors and have learned much for God’s glory! Thank you to many who fervently pray for us and sacrificially give so we can reach the lost in PNG. Since our last prayer letter we have been blessed to have two new ministry partners and one increase!