Getting Settled



We arrived in Goroka Papua New Guinea and were greeted at the airport by the smiling faces of our teammates Tim and Leandra Hawes. They helped us with our luggage and took us back to the campus where we found waiting for us a comfortable bed, a kitchen with some preliminary supplies and food, a prepaid cell phone, and a wifi box providing an internet connection. Bill Smith, our Field Director, and his wife Lori were essential in answering questions and providing guidance as we began to learn more about living in this culture. Our teammates have been tremendous in helping us with whatever we need.


It felt great to finally set foot on the campus thanks to many of you who continue to pray for us and support us. We give God all the glory getting us here and preparing us to serve Him at the Goroka Baptist Bible College and surrounding areas. During that time we have been getting settled into our house, unpacking our belongings, purchasing a vehicle, getting our drivers licenses, getting familiar with the town of Goroka and the GBBC campus and ministries.


God provided a great deal on our vehicle. It takes a very rugged vehicle to traverse the mountains of Papua New Guinea. Last Sunday it took 30 minutes to make the 5 mile journey up the mountain to the Lusilo Baptist Church. Next week, Lord willing, we will make that trek on our own which will include a river crossing. Stay tuned for pictures.


We have had the opportunity to visit a couple of churches, the campus chapel, and one of the students singles meetings where we played games, sang hymes, and shared testimonies and praises.


Jan had the opportunity to go with Lori to a Ladies Bible study and cooking class at one of the neighboring villages. This week we officially start our language training with Pastor Rex and his wife Dorothy. We praise God for the many blessings He has given us since our arrival.


While Lori went to help deliver a baby during the Bible study, Jan got her first bilum (string bag) lesson from Seni.



✔ Bags packed
✔ Passports and visas in hand
✔ Good byes said
✔ 1-Year Bible Certificate at Moody Bible Institute completed
✔ Airline tickets purchased
✔ All ABWE pre-field requirements completed
✔ Commissioning Service completed
✔ Car insurance cancelled
✔ Final clearance from ABWE
✔ Moved out of Bethesda’s Missions House
Next  Stop – Goroka, Papua New Guinea on May 16th at 4pm (UTC+10:00)

As we started saying our good-byes, God has been very gracious in giving us the strength right when we needed it. Saying good-bye has been difficult, we knew it would be. Below is just part of our incredible support system in the U.S. God has provided us with such an amazing family. You will see much of them here. Also included is a picture of our pastoral team at Bethesda Baptist Church, our sending church to whom we are very grateful for the incredible support and guidance. The next prayer letter we send will be from the mountains of the Eastern Highlands in Papua New Guinea, Lord willing.

Here is a quote from Dr. Gregory Gifford, one of our Moody Professors, “The path of service is often more about what God is doing to transform us and draw us closer to Him, than what He plans to do through us.” Thank you Dr. Gifford for this reminder as we pray that God draws us closer to Himself and transforms us more and more into the image of His Son Jesus Christ.


Our Pastors at Bethesda Baptist Church


Our Life Group at Bethesda Baptist Church


Our Small Group at Besthesda Baptist Church


Curry Family – Jan’s Parents


Smith Family – Phil’s Dad and Stepmom’s Side


Walton Family – Phil’s Mom and Stepdad’s Side


Jan’s Sister and Brother-In-Law


Andrew and Heather


Lauren and Aaron

Ways to stay in contact with us:

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Phil: 1-765-481-0341
Jan: 1-765-481-0342

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