Christ Is Our Hope

The morning starts with a wonderful cup of coffee. Then out the door with our Bible verse packs and our poodle, Snickers. We write Bible verses we are memorizing/reviewing on spiral bound index cards. Morning walks in the cool, crisp weather around the Bethesda Baptist Church campus is the ideal time for memorizing God’s Word. Lately, one verse comes to mind in particular that we’ve been reviewing, which is 1 Peter 3:15; “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” It is such a great reminder that in our hearts we are to set apart Christ as Lord. Nothing else. Christ period. Christ is to be Lord of our lives. Work, children, spouse, money, etc., can’t take the place of Christ in our lives. Many people try to have these take the place of Christ, but they don’t satisfy the thirst we have, not like Christ can. He is our Living Water that satisfies the deepest thirst. The verse goes on to remind Christians to always be ready to answer why we have this hope. The hope isn’t that our circumstances will turn out favorably. Circumstances come and go. This is an eternal hope! There is nothing more comforting than resting in this hope.

This past month, our son Andrew and Phil’s mom, Tena, both had surgery. Both were in surgery at the exact same time. Andrew in Indiana and Tena in Texas. Both surgeries were successful and pathology results were both good. We are praising God through this! After missing a few days, Andrew is back at work. Here he is with his wife Heather. He will need to be reexamined for the next 10 years to make sure the tumor does not return.

Tena had additional ultrasounds and biopsies since the surgery. The plan is for chemo to start, pending results from these tests. Here are Tena and Phil’s grandmother.

Here is Lauren leaving for her last day at work at the Tree of Life Childcare center. She loved the opportunity to invest in the children’s lives. She will soon fly to Spokane, WA. to begin her Junior year at Moody Bible Institute.

There are some days that what God has called us to do is humanly impossible. Those days are even more special as we know God is carrying us when the road is just too difficult. Through life’s trials, we never know what tomorrow might hold for us. We are commanded to tell those around us about the hope we have. Our hope is in Christ. Is your eternal hope resting in Christ? If so, are you telling those around you about Him? If not, start today. Don’t wait.

We are at ABWE Headquarters in Harrisburg, PA. this week attending the EMC (Essential Mission Components) training. Great teaching through interactive instructions including Worldview Groups, Methods, and Models, and Developing a Cross Cultural Church Planting Ministry Plan. Next month we will post more about our training.

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