Faith – Hebrews 11:1

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Back home again in Indiana
We were home in Indiana for 2 weeks and God provided time with our family and friends. We stayed with our parents and spent precious time with Andrew and Heather all which was such a blessing for us and saw many friends.

Grand Baby
Then it was time for us to fly to Alaska. We almost made it for the arrival of our new grand baby, Justice Liam but we missed his arrival by one day. Lauren, Aaron and little Justice are doing well and little Justice is growing each day. We are spoiled by daily pictures from Lauren and Aaron. Please pray as they as striving to be godly parents for our dear little Justice!
Before we left for the States, Jan got a tummy bug that lasted 2 months. It took many trips to the doctors office, phone calls and strong meds but praise God 4 days before we needed to travel back to PNG, the tummy bug was gone.

Back in PNG
We returned to PNG safely and hit the ground running. Two days after we got back, a building team from Grace Baptist in Bowie, Maryland arrived to start a new missionary house construction. We housed one couple and hosted several meals. What a delight and encouragement they were to us!
The following Sunday, Phil led a boy, Murphy, to the Lord at Praise Baptist Church. Praise God!

The new generator that was ordered many months ago had to travel on the road in PNG that had been affected by mudslides. It arrived while we were in the States. Phil and the team spent much time trouble shooting it. God provided the solution and it is now up and running! Praise God!

Term 2 started at GBBC a few days after we returned from home. Jan is teaching one English as a Second Language (ESL) class to the Pidgin speaking students. The class is off to a great start. Thank you Sue Mayo, (ABWE missionary in Australia) for help with getting the ESL classes started at GBBC.

The decision was made for Phil to fix the engine in our Land Rover. We didn’t have real peace about which direction to go as we had been waiting on the Lord. After much prayer, this seemed the best path to take. Please pray with this great undertaking.

God provided dresses for girls here in such an amazing way. Linda Critchell (with Dress the Globe) loves to sew dresses for girls who may not have a new dress all their own. Linda had 244 dresses for babies to teens she wanted to get to our girls. We were already home and getting ready to return and fly through LAX. We discussed the enormous expense of shipping 2 huge boxes and learned Linda and her husband, Robiin, lived 30 minutes from the LAX airport! We met at the airport and God provided as we didn’t pay anything for baggage fees or customs despite we found out later we could have paid a lot of money in customs fees. We have had the joy of giving dresses to so many girls here. Many smiles, giggles and amazement of how God worked all this out. At times we wonder how God could do this. Then we realize our lack of faith in thinking that God couldn’t work out all these details. Thank you Robin and Linda for your selfless giving.

Other items
Our rain water tanks are low. We could really use prayer for this. Our 2 water tanks are 2/3 full. It took 2 full tanks to get through dry season last year. Please pray for God to provide great rains to fill our tanks.
Phil is not teaching this term. Our field director, Bill Smith and his family are on furlough. Phil has been the treasurer for ABWE finances since January. He will also be acting field director in Bill’s absence.

The next few months involves campaigning and elections. During this time, travel on the roads and crime goes up. Please pray for safety and for the many people that are coming into Goroka to come to know the One, True Savior, Jesus Christ.
We just completed our first anniversary serving here in Papua New Guinea! God stretches us in many ways here. Would we have it any other way? No. He only asks that we have faith, to trust Him and depend on Him. We are so grateful for God providing for us to be here. Sometimes its not about the work we do here but how God changes us and molds us into His image. Thank you God for every stretching opportunity you give us in PNG.

Prayer requests:
Our team needs 1-2 new missionary couples/ families to join our team in Simbai (bush area).
Our team needs a full-time accountant to come and serve here at GBBC.
Wisdom and guidance.

Thank you for praying!

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