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Fear… It’s a funny thing. Fear teaches us to pull our hand from a hot stove, not get too close to a ledge with a steep valley below or walk carelessly into traffic. Fear has two results. It can paralyze us or motivate us.

When we were in Candidate Class with ABWE, we had several devotionals from Dr. Ken Nichols. He spoke a great deal about fear. We left candidate class with his book, Untie the Fear Knots … of your Heart. Dr. Nichols identified two types of fear- manipulating and motivating fear. Manipulating fear paralyzes and manipulates us. Motivating fear alerts us to danger and calls us to action. There are also two types of faith. The first type is a general positive thinking, optimism that “everything will be ok.” The second type of faith is the more powerful because it’s based on our relationship with Christ and reliance on His promises.

Sometimes we can slip into the positive optimistic faith of thinking, “we’ll be fine” instead of relying on the more powerful faith that based on our relationship with Christ and His promises. When fears come up we want to identify those fears and meditate on God’s Word. Fear is transformed into faith as God stretches us and we trust His promises like Isaiah 41:10 which God tells us,” fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” In this passage, God didn’t say not to fear because all would be wonderful. He also is not say that He will take away our fearful situation. Instead, He says the most comforting words, “I am with you.” God doesn’t remove our fearful situations, but instead by depending on His promises our faith grows. God continues to grow our faith each step of the way.

This past month, we took another leap of faith, and loaded all of our belongings on a 40 foot shipping container that we are sharing with our teammates Tim and Leandra Hawes who are planning on arriving in Papua New Guinea next month, Lord willing. After months of packing, the day arrived when many friends came to the mission’s house to help us load up a U-Haul. Thirty minutes later the U-Haul was packed and we left the next morning for Pennsylvania. Upon arrival at our teammate’s church in PA., we began unloading the U-Haul and loading the container with the help of many new friends. Two hours later during that chilly day, the shipping container was loaded. The next day the shipping container was at the dock to be loaded on a ship for the three to six month journey to Papua New Guinea.


Do we face fears moving to Papua New Guinea? Sure we do. We don’t deny there are real fears with being missionaries in Papua New Guinea. Fears come and go. Did we have some concerns with packing our belongings to ship to PNG? Initially, yes. But our biggest fear has always been leaving our family. But if we allow God, as so wonderfully stated by Dr. Ken Nichols, to “untie the fear knots of our heart into fears not’s” our faith will grow. God certainly grows our faith each day. God gently reminds us in Jeremiah 32:27 “Is anything too hard for me?” The answer is always no. Allow Him to untie your fear knots too that your fears can become fear not’s as you lean on God’s promises.

Praises and Prayer Requests

  • Our teammates Zeke and Meagan Magill and their boys Liam and Mathew arrived safely in PNG. They will stay in Goroka for 3 months, then move out to live in a remote location in Simbai.
  • Our teammates Tim and Leandra Hawes are scheduled to leave for the field February 16th Lord willing. Please pray the Lord will provide for their visa’s and remaining support to come in.
  • Youth camp is currently underway at the GBBC (Goroka Baptist Bible College) where we will be serving. Praise the Lord for a record attendance of ~450 youth and staff and for 3 salvation decisions so far.
  • Phil’s mom completed her last chemo treatment. Pray for a quick recovery and that she would remain cancer free.
  • Pray for God’s continued provision for our needs. We are currently at 60% of our support and 66% of our O&P. If God has placed it on your heart to support us on a monthly basis, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We would be glad to set up a meeting to share the ministry God has called us to in PNG. Any monthly amount ($10, $25, $50…) would be a great blessing to us. Click on the map to the right to go to our ABWE support sign up page. Our account number is 0135781. Thank you to the many people who are praying and sacrificially giving to the Lord’s work.
  • Please pray God would provide at least 85% of our support by April 13th. That is the deadline for our last training session, Field Prep, at ABWE.


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