Getting Started

This is Praise Baptist. The pastor and his wife, Pastor Rex and Dorothy, are our language advisers. We will primarily be attending this church for the duration of our language studies.

In the past month, Josh and Jodie Greves and their three children – Micah, Malachi and Melodie arrived. They arrived with Jodie’s dad, Steve Overholt, who stayed for a few weeks as they settled in. We are very glad to have them here at GBBC.

We had a few electrical issues with a few of our appliances we shipped. Praise God after a month with only two burners on the stove working we received the parts that Andrew and Heather shipped to us from the United States, we now have a completely working stove and oven!

We have had requests for pictures of our house.


Phil has preached at Goroka Baptist (for English Service), Praise Baptist (translated into Pidgin), and in chapel at Goroka Baptist Bible College.

We both had an opportunity to teach in chapel at the Goroka Baptist Bible College

Electrical power here is unreliable at times. The power can be completely out (mainly when it rains), or it drops down to less than 200v on the 240v circuit. We are very thankful that the college has a generator. Here is Phil starting it.

As our new home here is more in order now, God has provided opportunity to get to know the students and people we meet at church.

We are learning all about new foods like snake beans, shopping in the outdoor market for fresh fruits and veggies and trying to differentiate between ripe bananas (mau bananas) and cooking bananas (banana bilong kukim). Actually we heard ladies selling their fruits and veggies laugh when we asked the difference between the two types of bananas. We are certainly learning, learning about the culture and language. We started our language training. We have completed the test for Unit 3 and now are on Unit 4. We are completing a unit every 2 weeks and there is a total of 14 units.

Thank you for your continual prayers and support. We pray for God’s blessings in your life and for God to continue to use us for His glory.
John 4:34 – Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to accomplish His work.”
God help us to do your will and to accomplish your work here in PNG.

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