Jehovah-Jireh The Lord Who Provides


God Provides

We were reminded of God’s provision while we were in Papua New Guinea. As we left the hotel where we spent our 1st night in Port Moresby, we were being very mindful of our new surroundings. Trying to take in all the sights, we hurriedly checked out of the Gateway Hotel and headed outside to wait for the van to take us to the airport. What unfolded next, God used for His glory. Riding in the van, we were heading to the airport to board our 4th plane flight on our journey from Indiana, USA to Goroka, PNG. We witnessed to the van driver and learned he also was a believer in Christ. We then shared with him our missionary calling and told him we were going to be stationed at Goroka Baptist Bible College. After the driver dropped us off at the airport, we boarded the plane and prepared for takeoff. After what seemed like an extraordinary long delay, a gentleman from PNG boarded the plane, walked down the aisle and handed us an envelope with our names on it, then exited the plane. We had never seen the man before and we were baffled at what was inside the envelope. We slowly opened it and to our surprise we discovered our credit card! We had left it at the front desk of the hotel. Our van driver knew where we were going. Had we not witnessed to him and shared our flight information, our story likely would have had a very different ending. Through the compassion of a fellow believer in Christ, God provided and He received all the glory.

In Matthew 6:25-34, God reminds us that He provides for the birds of the air, the lilies of the field and that you and I are much more valuable than these. God simply commands us to put Him first, period! By “seeking first the Kingdom of God”, all these “things” shall be added to you. God receives glory when we put Him first. God provided in an amazing way when we witnessed to our van driver. He is our Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord who provides.

Getting to Papua New Guinea by February 2015 is a God-sized goal. To be able to attend our next required ABWE training session held at the end of July, we need to be at 50% of our monthly support. Otherwise, we will have to wait to take the training in July of 2015 and be delayed up to a full year getting to the field. We praise God for getting us to this point and we have faith He will continue to provide. We pray that He may use you to bring glory to Himself. We are only $180/month $130/month $90/month $65/month $15/month away from making this goal. Below is one way of partnering with us on a monthly basis to achieve this 50% goal. If God is leading you to partner with us, click on the pineapples below to go to the ABWE supporter website, account #0135781.

Praise the Lord. Jehovah-Jireh has provided!


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