The Fields are White For Harvest!

The Bena district is a large region adjacent to GBBC where we live. This area is known for sorcery and fierce tribal fighting. The culture in PNG is very male dominated, and Papua New Guinean men are much less likely to be in church than women. There are so few men worshipping and taking leadership positions in the church. But these men need to know Jesus Christ, they need to be leaders of their families, and they need to be leaders in the church. A vision for our team is for God to raise up men in the Bena district to take a stand for Christ. We are praying for GOD to call 100 Bena Men to Himself so that they can be saved and discipled. God is answering these prayers in a mighty way as recently 15 Bena men came to know Christ as their personal Saviour, 4 others were baptized last Sunday and joined a local church. Another 10 men are being discipled and should be baptized soon. These men’s lives are being transformed. We would like to give out 200 personal invitations to the Bena men to attend our team’s outreach meetings from October 8-12 2018. Those who accept Christ will have follow-up and be given materials for discipleship. Won’t you pray for the men of Bena? Let us know if you would like more information on how you can help.

The Bena men remind us when Jesus was talking about the wheat fields being ready for harvest. But just before this in John 4, Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman who was drawing water from the well. Although Jesus confronted her about her sin, He offered her living water or eternal life and she was compelled to tell others and brought many others back with her to see Jesus. Then in John 4:35 Jesus said to the disciples, “Do you not say, ‘There are still four months and then comes the harvest’? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” When a wheat field is ready for harvest the experienced farmer knows the tips of the plant are white. As Jesus was talking to the disciples a steady stream of people came toward Him and the disciples and He compared the people to a field ready for harvest. Please pray with us for God to bring in this spiritual harvest of the Bena Men for many to be saved and discipled.

Phil has been meeting with Isau and Andrew for small group Bible Study using Way of Joy which is for discipling believers. These two young men have faithfully attended church at Praise Baptist and have been leaders in our youth group. Instead of memorizing Scripture in only Pidgin, they decided for weekly verse memorization in Pidgin and English! Please pray for Isau, and Andrew to continue to grow in the Lord as well as other students from GBBC and youth from Praise Baptist.

Jan recently wrapped up a 2 year Bible Study. This Bible study started in an area called One Mile then over time moved to 2B to reach more women and children who faithfully come each week. Some come to learn more about who Christ is and others to grow in their relationship with Him. Please pray for these ladies and children for them to continue to learn about Christ and grow in their relationship with Him.

We are pleased to announce God has truly answered many prayers and Jovina Kerowa is the new bookkeeper for GBBC. This is a great blessing as Phil will no longer have this role along with his other ministries/responsibilities.We are praising God for two monthly support increases, a new monthly partner and, additional one-time gifts! We are so grateful to you. Thank you for praying and investing in us as we share the Gospel with so many in PNG!Prayer requests
  • Pray for finances to finish the construction of Praise Baptist Church pictured above and to purchase some seating so everyone doesn’t have to sit on the ground.
  • It is dry season now and water supply is short. Many are walking back and forth to an area called Kami to collect water from a stream which is a 20-30 minute walk. With water supply being short, cases of typhoid and dysentery are on the increase.
  • Students will start Term 3 on September 3rd and the term concludes November 16th.  Please pray for students’ school fees to come in.
  • New teammates to join our team to share the Gospel in PNG.
  • Jan’s parents with her dad’s health struggling. We have been so encouraged by how many people have told us they are praying for them (Gerald and Rowena Curry). Thank you so much for praying!!
  • Renewal of our PNG work permits and visas.
Your missionaries to PNG,
Phil and Jan Smith
John 1:29
ABWE #0135781

Address in PNG:

Phil and Jan Smith
P.O. Box 456
Goroka, EHP, 441
Papua New Guinea

Address at home:

Phil and Jan Smith
2515 Countryside Dr.
Lebanon, In. 46052

Sending church:

Parkside Bible Church
7950 N. Co. Road 650 E.
Brownsburg, IN 46112

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