This World Is Not Our Home


The Missions House – We Are Just Passing Through

Introducing our new residence as we prepare to leave for the field of Papua New Guinea. This is the missions home of our sending church, Bethesda Baptist, in Brownsburg, Indiana. We have been very blessed by Bethesda to have this opportunity to live in the missions home. Our son Andrew and his wife Heather will be moving into our home in Lebanon. We are almost completely moved in. A few more days and the moving will be complete.

Whether we live in Lebanon, Brownsburg, or Papua New Guinea, Paul reminds us that our true citizenship as believers in Christ is in Heaven (Philippians 3:20). Our home there isn’t made by human hands. Instead in John 14:2-3 we are encouraged that Christ is preparing a place for His followers. Jesus is coming back for us. There is no greater peace than knowing your eternal “home” will be in the presence of Christ. If you don’t know Christ as your Savior, receive Him today. If you are not sure how to follow Christ, please call or email us so you too can know your citizenship is in Heaven.

Continue to pray for us as we meet with churches and individuals to share our ministry and the burden God has laid on our hearts for the people in PNG. Pray for our team members that are already serving there and for the other prefield missionaries that are raising support to go. But most of all, pray for the men, women, and children in PNG that have never heard the good news; never heard what Christ has done for them. How can they hear unless someone tells them? And how can someone tell them unless they are sent? Pray how God could us you, to send us, to tell them the most wonderful news they could ever hear. Would you consider partnering with us to reach the lost in PNG?

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